Kindness Rocks!

Starting on July 1st (International Rock Day), we’ll be hiding rocks decorated with inspirational messages at both libraries and launching our Kindness Rocks campaign.

Wondering how to participate? It’s easy!

  1. Search our Milan and Berlin locations for rocks we’ve blinged out with art and inspirational messages. (See a few examples below.)
  2. Next take a photo of your rock recently discovered treasure, and share the pic on social media. If you’re not a selfie fan, don’t worry. The photo doesn’t have to feature you if you don’t want. And remember to use the hashtag #mbldrocks – otherwise, we won’t be able to find your post.
  3. After you share your photo, take the stone and hide it somewhere in the community where someone else can find it and hopefully start the cycle all over again.

Let’s show the world how much kindness (and the library) rocks!